Siren Girls

Our Sirens are a women-run Wellness community on the Solana blockchain.

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rooftop pool

a % of the keys profits will go directly to the community pool (wallet) where members can vote on how to spend and help eq grow.

launch party & events

members will receive an invitation to the official eq launch party planned for 2022 in la. we’re bringing together our network of artists, entertainers, web3 evangelists, and C-suite executives.

private telegram

while we build our platform we welcome you to an intimate community chat of music and crypto artists, professionals, influencers & mentors in our telegram.

specifically including:

all artists onboarded by eq
all investors on eq’s cap table
eq’s management team
250+ eq key members

exclusive concerts

as we unveil our web3 product suite, key members will enjoy exclusive metaverse concert experiences and private in-person events.

speaker series

we will sponsor a speaker series where a member can share their story, solicit input or partners for personal projects, and make new, meaningful connections


exclusive eq merch and eq sponsored artist merch.

line up

Check our line up of creators, artists, producers, developers and crypto founders that have joined the Eq community.

Our Story

The Siren Girls are here for your mental health and wellness

Our brand will be the first esquire type brand in web3.

Our art leans into the playboy sexualized aesthetic while playing with the irony of clever + witty boss females who are taking over Web3.

The mission is to create a world where women can have it all. Not being polarized by either exploitation or feminist ideas. But instead being in both worlds. Showcasing physical attraction and allure while having true freedom.

Sirens is a community led by powerhouse women to support you. Our brand will be the first esquire type brand in Web 3This project is three fold. We focus on education, wellness offerings to support mental health initiatives, and real life eco-village land investment.

The Siren Girls represent freedom of expression for all.

Our Mission


Mental Health

Our goal for this project is to support women through the vehicle of wellness. Wellness is a lifelong practice that we aim to encourage through offering monthly classes from teachers and healers all around the world.



We are custom coding an educational platform that can host NFT communities and is more user-friendly than Discord. This platform will offer a variety of courses and classes that will ultimately help members to understand the crypto space in a digestible way as well as further bridge the gap between women in NFT.



Through creating a real life eco village, we aim to bridge the meta verse with the real world. While we are creating an under-water siren verse, we are also investing in land to build a real life wellness retreat center. Here you will be able to unplug and experience all things wellness before plugging back into the metaverse. This will balance the desensitization of the meta verse with this ever-growing technology.


IRL Parties

We understand the power of community. Our goal is to bring people together both online and in real life. We believe that community is the #1 way to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life so you feel supported in everything you do.

1 Year roadmap

NFT Launch

On June 14th, 2022 our SIrens World NFT collection releases on the Solana Blockchain. Minting will happen right here on this website.



Crypto Courses Available

The sirens understand that changing the world starts within. They establish an underwater school, partnering with tech platform STAGE to educate the world on the power of web3 and using it successfully and mindfully. Teachers from all around the globe can share tangible skills to elevate the population.

NFT Avatar Builder Marketplace

Upgrade your avatar with new traits. You can earn tokens and use those tokens to change your avatar.



Texas land Purchased

The Sirens begin buying 8 acres of stunning land where the first ever cloud city will be built from crypto, balancing out the digital world while maintaining connection within the physical.

IRL Wellness retreat @ Sirens World

Sirens travel in pods. They understand the importance of coming together. The first ever Siren’s world wellness retreat is offered in the brand new eco-village.



First Round of Community Investments

Each siren is unique and has something to offer. We’re ready to invest in our community. Members will submit business ideas for startups and community board members will vote on which ideas get invested in.

Cloud City Build Out

10 eco-friendly homes are built to be used for community events and retreats, rented out to community members. The sirens watch from below the surface as a village nearly as beautiful as their own is built. 


not just jpegs

1 Year Roadmap

Q3 2022

  • Access to gated NFT holder only content

  • Crypto courses available

  • Weekly virtual wellness classes

  • Live weekly zoom calls

  • Team building + hiring

  • IRL Summer Camp festival

Q4 2022

  • DAO voting/Token rewards

  • Increase marketing spend on art and press

Q1 2023

  • Purchase of Texas land

  • Finalize designs of eco-homes

  • Release of projected investment of real estate deal

Q2 2023

  • First round of community investments into member led projects

  • Start construction of eco-village

not just jpegs

NFT Avatars Ready to Enter The Metaverse

3D Characters

Each of our unique avatars are fully 3D rendered. We plan to use these avatars to create animated videos, learnable content and even host our own Sirens Podcast as our avatars.


Your avatar can be used as a character in the Metaverse. Rigged characters means you use motion capture suits to move and create content as your avatar.

video game characters

When the world goes fully into VR, our Sirens will be ready to go to join them. Your avatar can be used in any Metaverse world or game that comes to the market in the future.

what you get

Membership Benefits


Private Discord community
A members-only discord to learn more about web3, brand build and develop a network of top-tier builders/makers/designers.
Wellness Retreats
Access to our land in Texas.
Crypto Education Courses
Access to our STAGE education platform.
Weekly Virtual Events
Access to our weekly live calls with community founders/leaders.
Membership Voting Rights
Voting on the future of the community DAO.
Access to Investment fund
Ability to receive investments from treasury.


No Private Discord community
Wellness Retreats
No Course
No Event
No Voting Rights
No Access to Investment fund


Private Discord community
Wellness Retreats
Crypto Education Courses
Weekly Virtual Events
Membership Voting Rights
Access to Investment fund

How our funds are managed

Community Treasure Chest

Real Estate

This fund will go towards building out our first couple of homes in Texas. The goal is to build mini-eco homes that will be rented to community members, leased long term, and used for our IRL events/retreats.


This fund will go towards growing and maintaining the community. Like building 3D virtual worlds, a market place to trade your characters traits, create 3D animated videos and more.

Community Investments

This fund will be used to create our Sirens World Wellness center in Texas, as well invest into our members business ideas and start ups. Every member will have the opportunity to submit their business ideas and vote on what ideas get investments.

Tech Development

This fund will go towards completing our roadmap features like the marketplace for tradable NFT traits, forming our DAO token system and anything else related to software development.

Eco-Village Build Out

An eco-village created to bring online communities into the real world. Yes, these homes will be owned and operating by our community and will be the start of our very own city.


Wimberly, Texas


10 acres

number of homes:


Community owned

How Investment Fund Works

Step 1

A percentage of all money generated from our NFT sales will be set aside in a public treasury for all members to see

Step 3

Community will vote on what businesses to invest in

Step 5

Profits from successful investments will go back to the community treasury

Step 2

Members of the sirens community will be able to submit business proposals for new startups and existing businesses for funding

Step 4

Community founders and leaders will provide resources and knowledge to help make businesses successful in addition to just a money investment

Step 6

Community founders will provid tools and resources to make business successful

business + entity formation

Legal operating agreements


Website design

Social media marketing


Customer support

Team members

Siren Girls

Alexis Ren


Nicole Behnam



crypto astrologer

Allie Michelle

Mental Health & Wellness Teacher



Yola Roberts




Ava LoPorto


board members

meet the board members


crypto astrologer

Yola Roberts


How To Buy

3 simple steps to join our community

Download Phantom

The Chrome Phantom extension will allow you to make purchases with Solana. If you are on mobile, please use the Phantom app.


You can purchase Solana through your Phantom wallet using Wyre or send Solana from an exchange like Coinbase.


Connect your Phantom wallet to our website. Once connected, you will be able to mint your Siren and approve the transaction.

Team members

The Community

The Team






smart contracts


Real Estate Deals


Home Architect






Community Manager



Brand Partnerships


NFT Community



Smart Contracts






Social Giveback



We Are Warriors

mental health



What is Sirens World?

An NFT community that starts online and then goes into the real world. Our community is women lead and on a mission to bring women into the crypto space and leave a mark in the Metaverse. Our community is 100% transparent with all funds going into a gnosis safe (public treasury) for all members to see where the money goes and why. Every single thing that have listed on our roadmap we will bring to life - these are not empty promises.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token". It's a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade.

Is there a whitelist?

Yes, there is a whitelist that will allow certain people to get a saved spot and an ability to purchase an NFT 2 hours before the public sale. Getting on the whitelist will be determined later.


What type of wallet do I need to mint a Sirens World NFT?

You will need to use Phantom to purchase an NFT. Phantom is a chrome extension that can be downloaded here.

How do I contact the team?

You can contact the team by going into discord here or by sending an email to

How do I access the Discord group?

You can access the discord by click here. You will need to verify yourself to get access to all of the channels.